Saturday, October 2, 2010

Are You Paying For The Premium and The Claim Too?

by Frank Graham

Are you paying for premium on your car insurance that will have you paying for the claim too? If you are paying for a minimum level of coverage, you will get just that when the serious accident happens. Imagine that you are driving down the road, and reach to change the radio or attend to a child sitting in the seat next to you, you look up, and the obvious happens, all you see are brake lights. What happens next is your own guess, but traveling at perhaps 75 feet a second at over 40 miles an hour, it is hard to stop in time. Are you more concerned about the  dent in your hood, or is it the health of the person in the car ahead of you? The ambulance has just arrived with a police car alongside. A lawsuit is a near certainty.

With hospital costs as they are, in Sacramento (one of the highest average cost communities in the state), you will need the best personal injury lawyers and better coverage than you are currently carrying. This is only one good reason to go with a solid company, one that has been in business, based in California, for over 85 years.

You don't want to skimp on insurance that will only cover a minor accident, do you? Not likely. Like most people, you probably want insurance you can afford that will cover all the expenses necessary and defend you when you really need it.

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