Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why Life Insurance Is So Important to Have

Protect Your Most Valued Possessions

As your family increases in size, so does your need for life insurance.
by Frank Graham

Life insurance is what you need to cover expenses at your death, to provide a similar lifestyle for your spouse and children after death. The mortgage, the debt, the funeral expenses - as well as estate taxes that may be required at your time of death, are all important considerations when reviewing your life insurance needs. A properly balanced portfolio of investments may also include life insurance for the purpose of funding your retirement. But primarily, life insurance is a product that helps provide a substantial financial assistance in a time of need.

Term insurance is relatively inexpensive and yet provides the security and peace of mind that your spouse and/or children will have the means necessary after you are gone. Not only is this type of preparation valuable to you and your family, but those looking at you as a borrower, or businessman, might take this asset into account.

Life policies are fitted to the customer, a young family with not much income can still acquire a policy easily, but a family with many assets to protect will be happy with a flexible plan that allows them to grow financially, building their protection as the family size or income increases.

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