Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why Compare?

You've been with the same agent for a long time. There's never been a problem. No accidents. No big question about service, because nothing has happened. So why check out anything else on the market? Why spend the time (your valuable time) when everything is in place and seems to be operating just fine.

Here's why. Most people never question anything about their insurance until something happens and they end up paying much more out-of-pocket than they ever expected. Or, they have to reach somebody by phone and all they can get is a toll-free number and maybe a voice on the other end of the phone in some far off place. That person sends you to another, then another.

When you do business with a local agent, someone you know personally, someone you may get to know well in fact, you create a safe place for yourself and your family to rely on in really bad times. That's why we buy insurance anyway, right? It's not because we think something is going to happen, it's because it invariably does happen, and not at the right time in our lives.

Sometimes it is hard for an agent to talk you up to a level of insurance they know is right for you, but if they truly care about you, they will. They will insist that you consider some higher levels of coverage because they know you have more to protect than a car, or a home, or any number of other things. Insurance protects you and the lives around you if the really bad thing happens. And those bad things do happen all the time. Just watch the news or read the papers. Every day someone who really needs insurance maybe doesn't have it, or they don't have it quite right.

You have an income and income potential that others can go after in a lawsuit. You have accounts, and assets, and all sorts of things that the other attorney will want. Pain and suffering, hospital bills, well -- you name it, they want you to take care of it after someone is injured.

The other primary reason you may want to check out another company is one that you may have already considered -- price. How does your current company stack up against the others? Are you paying for things you don't need? A good agent does the work for you and shows you points that are weak in another policy, things that may be covered in a different policy, in a different company. How much time do you spend shopping for a vacation? For a new sofa, or a new TV? Probably as much or more than your insurance, but you're bound to spend more money on your insurance than any of these things. And for good reason. Good insurance isn't cheap. It takes care of you and your family. Good insurance means you have a personal agent you can talk with face-to-face to resolve issues when the going is tough.


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  2. I totally agree with you frank.We opt for policy not because we know something will happen but to make sure if something happens than we should have money on time or else the family should suffer from the loss.
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