Friday, September 23, 2011

Flood and Earthquake -- Northern California's Biggest Claims

by Frank Graham, Owner of Graham Insurance Agency

As a wise old agent once said, "You know what a no-brainer is, right?...It's when you don't have to use your brain to figure it out, you just do it." You do it because you're in an area that is at higher risk for flood or earthquake. Are you surprised to know that your homeowners coverage does not cover you for these specific perils? Well, that's the case. Unfortunately, these two perils present such high risk for disaster that nobody covers them, unless you specifically have the coverage purchased separately from (but quite possibly alongside) your homeowners or commercial insurance coverage. Call an experienced or well trained agent to find out if you are in a higher risk area. And don't think about it, just get it covered. Your lender may require it anyway, but protecting one of your most valuable assets is a necessity in today's world.

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